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Truck Tracking Overview in Fleet Management

Nexar Truck Tracking

Last updated at: Jan 2, 2024

Across industries, businesses use trucks to transport products and provide services to their customers. With many variables affecting profitability, and especially with rising fuel costs, commercial trucking is a tricky operation to run. Adding fuel to the fire, (pun intended!) trucks are characteristically costly and their large size and weight pose inherent safety risks.

From helping to reduce fuel costs to improving road safety, GPS truck tracking software is an incredible modern tool that makes overseeing all aspects of running a trucking operation simple and easy. Providing you with front-seat knowledge of critical factors such as where your vehicles are, how your drivers are performing, and what maintenance is needed - the financial savings that quality truck tracking software provides are highly lucrative to any business.

What is GPS truck tracking?

Using advanced technology, GPS truck tracking devices are tools that show you the exact location of all your trucks, drivers, and equipment in real-time. By viewing a virtual map on your desktop or cell phone, you can see the live location of each truck in your operation and accurately estimate the arrival time at its destination.

Most GPS truck tracking systems use cellular or satellite data networks to transmit data about your trucks. They are compact and connect to a vehicle’s OBDII or other diagnostics port with simple installation. Data from truck tracking devices are remotely sent to users at regular intervals.

More sophisticated truck tracking systems allow users to set alerts for driver performance indicators such as excessive speeding and idling, the entering and exiting of specific locations, and harsh braking. Alerts can be sent via email or even to your mobile device in real time. These alerts provide key information that allows business owners to immediately communicate with their drivers about important road events and stop dangerous or harmful behaviors. Close communication with drivers allows for effective coaching and safer driving, thereby reducing the risk of accidents, and in turn, insurance premiums.

How can you track your trucks?

Commercial truck tracking devices consist of GPS units, accelerometers, and dash cams. All of these devices transmit data from the truck to the user to help you track your truck in real time.

  • GPS location and tracking units indicate vehicle movement, precise coordinates, and speed. They are able to pinpoint the exact location of any or all trucks, determine whether a vehicle’s ignition is on or off, and record mileage.
  • Accelerometers indicate speed, when a truck stops or starts, and records harsh braking.
  • Truck tracking tools also include dash cameras that can record both the road and the driver. Some cameras are only front-facing and capture the road ahead while some are dual-facing, capturing the driver and cabin too.

AI-powered dash cameras with multiple views capture risky driving behaviors such as distracted driving, tailgating, road sign violations, and when a driver or passenger is not wearing a seat belt. Users are alerted via SMS or email enabling them to communicate with their drivers to encourage safer driving thereby reducing the risk of road accidents.

What is the cost of a truck tracker system?

Depending on features, most commercial trucking tracking systems start at about $15 dollars and max about $250 per month, per vehicle. Prices can vary based on on the number of trucks in your business, how advanced a system you require, and the length of your contract.

Nexar Fleet solutions are perfect for truck tracking and management.

Why is truck tracking beneficial for fleet management managers?

  • Quality GPS truck tracking - This means knowing when your trucks are speeding or are idle so that you can monitor and prevent potentially dangerous driving and avoid wasting fuel. Tracking how many miles driven and engine-on or off times keeps you in the know about unauthorized detours and stops. Drivers can waste time and money doing these things but being aware gives you the power to stop them in their tracks.
  • Preventative Vehicle Maintenance - Truck tracking software collects data about your trucks’ assets and maintenance needs. It sends reminders about scheduled maintenance and alerts you about unexpected malfunctioning or parts that need fixing as problems arise. Preventative reminders avoid situations where assets get overlooked and need to be replaced.
  • Theft recovery- If any of your trucks are ever stolen, GPS tracking will help you minimize losses by quickly locating vehicles, inventory, and any assets. More advanced systems provide instant alerts to owners if a vehicle is used during non-work hours or leaves the area of a predetermined zone.
  • Route Optimization - Optimizing routes for your vehicles helps to improve workflow efficiency, reduce fuel usage, and increase customer satisfaction with enhanced communication about expected delivery times.

Nexar Fleet management solutions for truck tracking

Leading the market for truck tracking, the Nexar One is the most advanced, comprehensive dash cam available. From the start of a route, the Nexar One records the road at a 140° wide angle in crisp, Ultra HD 4K resolution. With two add-ons - an interior camera and an LTE unit, the Nexar One provides a front-and-center view of the inside of the truck as well as connectivity capabilities like remote streaming and Parking Mode.

The interior camera captures the inside of your truck at a 160° angle in HD 720p resolution and features infrared night vision. These advanced features allow you to keep an eye on everything going on inside your truck - even when it is parked. Coupled with the Nexar Connect subscription, the LTE unit allows for total connectivity, including GPS location and tracking, break-in alerts, and alarm activation. What’s more, Nexar’s cameras allow for live streaming so you can tap into a camera’s live footage to see what is going on in front of the truck or inside of the cabin, at any time. Live streaming can be accessed from anywhere - desktop or phone - and all around the world.

If any of your trucks are ever broken into, you’ll be immediately alerted and can actually speak to the perpetrators to inform them that they are caught on camera and that the police are on their way.

Final Thoughts

Overhead for running a truck-based business has always been high. Trucks are expensive to buy, require a lot of fuel, and have high insurance premiums. Quality truck tracking tools help business owners reduce fuel costs, improve driver performance, and closely monitor maintenance needs. In today’s world, they are indispensable assets for any business.