Introducing Connected Dash Cams

Upgrade your driving experience with Nexar’s AI-connected dash cam. Protect your vehicle on and off the road with live parking mode, real-time emergency alerts, AI incident detection, and much more.

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Connected capabilities and more

  • QHD video

    Don’t miss the details. Capture everything with super crisp video.

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  • Live GPS tracking

    Track your vehicle 24/7 directly from your phone when someone else is driving.

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  • Real-time emergency alerts

    Always be there for your loved ones. Nexar alerts your emergency contacts in case of an accident.

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  • Remote video streaming

    Worried about your car? Check in on it anytime, anywhere.

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  • Parking alerts

    Bump? Accident? Scratch? Our connected dash cams will catch it and send you an alert.

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  • Easily share proof

    Sending video evidence has never been easier.

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The Nexar Connect Collection

Nexar beam2

The ultimate AI driving sidekick is now accessible for all. Featuring 2K QHD resolution, ultra-precise GPS positioning, 24/7 parking protection, and much more.

Nexar One

With 4K resolution, live parking incident detection, and real-time emergency alerts, Nexar One is at your side with the proof you need.

Nexar One Pro

The ultimate driving companion for professional drivers. Equipped with interior and exterior cameras and all the connected features.


The Nexar Classic Collection

Nexar Beam

Nexar’s smallest HD dash cam, a sleek design with built-in GPS. Keep your dash cam discrete behind the rearview mirror.

Nexar Pro

Dual wide-angle HD dash cam for superior day and night recording. Powerful design with extensive storage for all-day coverage.