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The Nexar dash cam

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iPhone 7 and above, Galaxy S/Note 8 and above, Google Pixel 1 and above - Running the latest operating systems.

Nexar is compatible with:

Super wide-angle

Nothing drives out of sight.

Loop recording

Captures up to 8 hours.

The Eyes

The Nexar dash cam

Day or night, rain or shine.

Crisp HD video

Includes everything you need.

5-minute installation

In-vehicle protection

Interior add-on camera available

The Brains

Even when the app’s closed.

Streams your drives to your phone

With detailed post-collision reports.

Lets the truth do the talking

Incidents are saved to your free Nexar account.

Backs up to the cloud

Works with Siri

Want to save critical footage? Just ask Siri.

Powered by the Nexar app

The 6th Sense

Powered by the Nexar network

Zip through traffic

Nexar knows if your lane ahead is blocked*.

The only dash cam that keeps getting better

As our community grows, your driving experience gets smarter. 

*Includes construction work blockages in NY, NJ, NV, CA, IL, and CT. More areas coming soon!

**Available in NY and NJ. More areas coming soon!

Detect the unexpected

Connect to the world’s safe-driving network.

Will this traffic light ever turn green? Nexar shows you when**.

Drive smart

We like you too!

We get asked that a lot

Nope. Your payment for the dash cam also covers your lifetime use of the Nexar app, cloud storage and network.

Nexar is compatible with the

most popular mobile devices:

iPhones (model 7 and above), Samsung Galaxy/Note (model 8 and above) and Google Pixel. Click here for the full list of supported devices.

Like any other app, Nexar uses some juice from your battery, but not a lot. The Nexar app cleverly runs in the background, and only during an ongoing drive, so the battery consumption is minimal.

Do I need to pay a monthly subscription fee?

Is Nexar compatible with my phone?

Will the app consume my phone’s battery?

While the smart Nexar app detects collisions in 360 degrees, even if they happen out of frame, the dash cam is designed to record the front view of the car. If you’d like to record the interior of your car, select the interior camera add-on option on checkout. Please note, the interior camera is compatible with iOS devices only. Android support coming soon.

Definitely! The Nexar app is automatically triggered to work in the background once you start driving. And it won’t interfere with any other apps you use in the car.

The Nexar app uses WiFi to back up footage to your free Nexar cloud account. If there’s a dangerous event, like a crash or a hard brake, the app uses a bit of your data plan to instantly secure the footage in the cloud.

Will the app consume my data plan?

Can I use other apps while driving with Nexar?

Does the dash cam record inside my car?

Yes, the Nexar dash cam was designed to handle extreme environments, from -4° to 158° F (-20° to 70° C).

Absolutely. You can buy up to 3 cameras per order and even get a discount on orders of more than one camera.

I use more than one car, can the Nexar app be linked to more than one camera?

It gets extremely hot where I live, can the Nexar dash cam stand that heat?

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