Dash Cams for Fleets

Keep Your Drivers and Vehicles Safe

Nexar dash cams help you stay in control, with GPS tracking, video evidence and live streaming. 24/7 on the road and when parked.
GPS tracking
Parking security
Live video stream
Cloud history
Smart alerts
GPS tracking
Parking security
Live video stream
Cloud history
Smart alerts

Powerful fleet management at a light cost

Dash cams Starting at $250
Track & live stream Only $9.99* a month/vehicle
Nexar One Dash Cam
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Fleet tracking you need

Control fuel costs and driver tasks by seeing everyone’s location on your phone with always-on GPS tracking.

See what happens

Get the video you need, from the road or parked vehicle, inside and out. Just click on a smart alert, watch a clip or live stream. Never mess with SD cards again.
Parking events
Hard brakes

Coach and exonerate drivers

Nexar automatically highlights clips of unsafe moments, so you don’t need to check endless recordings. Easily access clips to coach drivers, give positive feedback or show the authorities what happened.

24/7 parking security for goods and tools

Nexar detects any impact to a parked vehicle and records it. Get an alert and stream video from your parked vehicles so you can make sure everything is where it needs to be. It’s like a break-in alarm for your car.

Cloud back up

Nexar automatically detects important incidents and backs them up to your Nexar cloud account. Save all clips and videos for free, for one less thing to worry about.

Create insurance reports easily

Download a report with one click and save on time, stress and money. Send the proof you need to your insurance provider, exonerate drivers and prevent fraud.

Our camera sets us apart

Nexar records at 4K, and can deal with bright, high contrast light as well low light at night, so you can see what matters, regardless of weather or time.
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How it works

The dash cam is always on

When you turn your vehicle on, the dash cam begins recording. The GPS also lets you track the vehicle’s location on a map

You receive a smart alert

Emergency contacts and fleet managers get an alert of anything that happens, including the location of the vehicle

When something happens, while driving or parked, it creates a clip

In case of a hard brake, harsh turn or a parking event, the dash cam creates an automatic clip and saves it to the cloud

Live stream video

For each alert, you can also live stream video from the camera to your phone or computer


How do I receive alerts from the cameras?
Once you install the +Connectivity add-on and activate the Nexar Connect subscription, you (and any emergency contact) will receive an immediate notification if something happens, from collisions to a hard brake or vehicle break-in. This will happen for both a car that is driving or a parked car and will include a short clip of the incident. Once you get the alert, you can also begin a video livestream from your Nexar One.
What’s included in the Nexar Connect subscription?
  • Remote Live Video Streaming
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Parking and break-in alerts and video stream from parked car
  • Immediate Cloud backup when the dash cam detects a collision or incident
  • Live Location of the vehicle on the map
Do I need to install an interior camera in the cabin?
Interior cameras keep passengers and drivers safe. Use the interior camera to ensure passengers are sitting and staying safe, or use the footage to check if your driver is distracted while driving. The interior camera is optional and you may use Nexar One for fleets without it.
Do I need to purchase a subscription in order to stream video from the cameras?
Yes, to have the option to stream video from your NexarOne device you will need a Nexar Connect subscription and the +Connectivity add-on (LTE).
What is the monthly subscription price?
The Nexar Connect subscription costs $9.99/mo and requires the +Connectivity (LTE) add-on. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
How do I coach drivers?
Nexar provides you with the ability to improve driver safety using video-based coaching using event clips created by the system or livestreaming video. By combining real-time GPS tracking and visual data, you can share coachable driving moments such as hard brakes, tailgating and more. Using these videos provides personalized feedback to your fleet drivers to improve their safety.
Does my insurance accept dash cam videos?
Most insurance companies use dash cam footage as proof required to understand what happened in the collision. You can download a report with one click and save on time, stress and money for your fleet. We’ve seen many instances where dash cam video provided the proof that was needed to waive deductibles and keep premium costs down.
If unsafe driving occurs, when will I know?
Automated alerts happen on hard brakes, sharp turnings, collisions and near-collisions and parking incidents . You will get a clip of the event and that clip will be saved to a free cloud account.
How long does the dash cam keep the footage?
Footage will be stored as long as there is space available in your dash cam’s internal memory. If the internal memory is full, old drives will be overwritten with new ones.
How do dash cams increase safety?
Nexar One enables you to increase safety by enhancing driver training and coaching with personal video-based feedback to your drivers, such as cases of hard braking, cornering or lane drifting. In case of emergency an alert will immediately be sent, and these videos are used as meaningful proof to defend your drivers and exonerate them in case of a collision.
How do I access dash cam videos?
Nexar automatically detects important incidents and backs them up to your Nexar cloud account. All saved videos are available via the cloud and can be accessed through the app - No need to wait, connect to the car’s dash cam or use the SD card to view the clips.
Does Nexar One have night vision?
Nexar dash cams record crisp footage in 4K quality, with cabin-view of 720p HD resolution with infra-red light bulbs that provide superb night vision..
Does NexarOne have audio?
Yes, audio is available. You can also customize audio recording through the Nexar app.
How do I live stream a driver’s camera?
In order to see the live stream wherever you are we recommend using the Nexar app and set up your fleet cameras with it. Once completed, you can set up the Nexar app to automatically stream videos to your phone, and see the live stream wherever you are.

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