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Nexar One Dash Cam

Dash cams  |  Starting at $250 $299.95

Monitoring software  |  Starting at $9.99* a mo/vehicle

Nexar One Dash Cam

The fleet tracking you need

View your drivers' live location from your phone with always-on Live Vehicle Tracking.

See what happens

Watch the cameras' live footage while your vehicles are on the road or when parked. Watch a clip, live stream, or open a smart alert to see what’s going on.
Parking events
Hard brakes

Coach and exonerate drivers

Manage your fleet efficiently and decrease driving incidents using the data from your vehicles. Give your drivers the feedback to move your business smoothly.

24/7 parking security for goods and tools

Make sure that your equipment is protected at all times. With live video alerts sent to your phone, you can see your vehicle's status 24/7 and make sure everything is where it needs to be.

Cloud backup

Backup all your vehicles' important moments for free and never worry about having the proof you need when you need it.

Create insurance reports easily

Download an insurance report with just one click and save on time, stress, and money. Send the proof you need to your insurance provider and prevent fraud.

Our most advanced camera

Nexar Fleets is powered by Nexar One.
Nexar One is our most advanced camera, recording in crisp, 4K resolution in both bright, high contrast light and dim light, and allowing you to see what matters, regardless of the time of day or weather.

How it works

Nexar Connect is your source of information

Whenever you want to monitor your vehicles, all you need to do is turn on the app and look at the map, then tap on an individual vehicle to stream its live video. You’ll get notified when your attention is needed.

Manage your fleet directly from your phone

In case of a hard brake, harsh turn, or parking event, the dash cam creates an automatic clip and saves it to the cloud.

Every incident is recorded

In case of a hard brake, harsh turn, or parking event, the dash cam creates an automatic clip and saves it to the cloud.

The dash cam is always on

When you turn your vehicle on, the dash cam begins recording. The GPS also lets you track the vehicle’s location on a map

Live stream video

For each alert, you can also live stream video from the camera to your phone or computer


How does Nexar Fleets work?
As a fleet manager, you’ll have access to all your vehicles' cameras, providing you with their live location and giving you the option to see what they're seeing. Looking at your phone, you’ll be able to see the history of all the important moments for each of your vehicles as well as the current activities of your drivers. This data gives you complete control over your fleet and helps you direct your drivers to where they need to be. Nexar Fleets helps you optimize service for your customers and make better decisions based on data.
How do I contact Nexar support for fleets?
Nexar support is available 24/7 over chat and via email. You can find In the same place that you contact our support team, you can also access Nexar’s knowledge base and popular articles.
What is a connected dash camera?
Connected dash cameras use 4G connectivity to give you real-time information about your vehicles. This lets you react immediately to all incidents without the need to contact your drivers or wait for access to an SD card.
What’s included in the Nexar Fleets?
Nexar Fleets includes the following features:
  • Remote Live Streaming - while driving and when parked
  • Emergency Alerts - send emergency alerts to your phone in case of road accidents
  • Parking Mode - live alerts are sent to your phone upon impact or break-in
  • Free automatic Cloud backup - when the dash cam detects a collision or incident
  • Live Vehicle Tracking - view the exact location of all your vehicles on the live map
How should I present the new cameras to my drivers?
It is important to explain that there are many benefits that the camera provides drivers, like protecting them from potential litigation or license suspension if they are wrongfully accused. Before installing the camera, discuss these benefits with your drivers to ease their onboarding process.
How do dash cams increase safety?
Nexar One enables you to increase safety by enhancing driver training and personal coaching with video-based feedback. In addition, you can view events such as hard braking, cornering, or lane drifting in real-time. In case of an emergency, a video alert will be sent immediately. The videos from Near One are also used as meaningful proof to defend your drivers and exonerate them in case of a collision.
Will our insurance premiums go down?
While your insurance premium isn't likely to be discounted immediately, we’ve seen many instances where dash cam video provided the proof that was needed to waive deductibles and reduce premiums.
Will I have a live view of my drivers?
Yes. Nexar fleets give you the ability to connect to your vehicles remotely and see what your drivers are seeing. If you want to look inside your vehicles, you can add an interior camera to monitor the inside.
If unsafe driving occurs, when will I know?
Automated alerts are triggered by hard brakes, sharp turns, collisions, and parking incidents. You will get a clip of the event which will be saved to your free Nexar Cloud account.
How long does the dash cam keep the footage?
Footage will be stored as long as space is available in your dash cam’s internal memory. If the internal memory is full, old drives will be overwritten with new ones. Important moments, such as hard-braking, collision, and break-in incidents will be saved in the cloud for good.
How do I access dash cam videos?
Nexar automatically detects important incidents and backs them up to your Nexar Cloud account. All saved videos are available through the app.

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