5reasons why you
should be driving with
a Nexar dash cam

  • 1. Video evidence in case of an accident

    Being a good driver isn’t always enough and the road can be full of surprises that are beyond your control. With Nexar, you’re prepared for whatever comes your way - when you catch everything on your dash cam, you have the evidence you need to file a valid insurance claim and cover your losses.
    Start recording with Nexar
  • 2. Easily share evidence

    Submitting an insurance claim is a hassle and can take up your entire day. Even if you have a dash cam, downloading the video from the SD card can be a real issue. With Nexar, you can immediately view the video on your phone and share proof of the incident with your insurance provider.
    Always be prepared with Nexar
  • 3. Memories and surprising videos captured and saved

    Whether you’re on a family road trip or just driving along when a family of ducks crosses your way, some memories you’ll just want to cherish forever, and most likely – share immediately. With a dash cam that also uploads your recordings to your phone, you’ll be able to easily send or post your driving videos (without having to stop the dash cam or disconnect it).
    Share videos with Nexar
  • 4. Smart app, smart driving

    We live in a technological world, why not make the most of it? Nexar gives you a smart driving experience by offering extra features that you won’t find with any other dash cam. By using your smartphone’s sensors to identify impact when an accident occurs, Nexar automatically saves an incident clip to your app and to the cloud. You can also use the Nexar app to manually save clips of any part of your drive, generate insurance reports, and even ask Siri to remind you where you parked your car.
    Drive smart with Nexar
  • 5. Nexar has your back, anytime & anywhere

    Don’t let angry, reckless drivers bully you into letting them off the hook. Some drivers tend to get away with their dangerous acts by intimidating those who call them out. Not anymore. Thanks to the Nexar app, you can show them they’ve been caught on camera - on the spot, in real time - so there’s nothing left to argue about.

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