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Nexar Beam and Nexar beam2 Comparison: Elevating Your Driving Experience At Every Turn

Side by side comparison of Nexar beam and Nexar beam2

Last updated at: Jun 3, 2024

The journey towards innovation unfolds with every turn, introducing new possibilities that make every trip impactful. At Nexar, we're dedicated to crafting dash cams that not only serve as your reliable companion on the road but also ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

The introduction of the Nexar Beam and the newly launched Nexar beam2 has set unprecedented standards in dash cam technology, merging quality, innovation, and reliability into devices that intuitively align with our needs as drivers. Whether you're navigating through the congested city streets or enjoying a peaceful drive on the highway, selecting the appropriate dash cam has become a pinnacle aspect of modern driving.

By addressing the comparison between the Nexar Beam and Nexar beam2, we aim to illuminate the path for you to make an informed decision that not only enhances your driving experience but also ensures your safety and that of your loved ones during your adventures. Compare dash cams and see for yourself why Nexar stands out in every aspect, from video quality to ease of use.

Insightful Overview of Nexar Beam & Nexar beam2

Skillfully blending functionality with an intuitive design to meet the contemporary driver's demands, Nexar Beam emerged as a revolutionary product in the dash cam market. Engineered to boost road safety, the dash cam provides high-definition recording, capturing every moment of your journey with utmost clarity.

Its seamless integration with the Nexar app (available via Google Play and the Apple Store) enhances the user experience, reinforcing the sense of security among drivers. Nexar Beam's hallmark features, including automatic incident detection and effortless footage sharing, highlight Nexar's dedication to making driving a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.

Nexar beam2 builds upon its predecessor's already solid foundation, introducing an AI algorithm for incident detection and connectivity features that set new expectations for dash cam performance. Featuring a QHD road camera and an FHD cabin camera, Nexar beam2 delivers unmatched recording quality, capturing every detail with precision. Its LTE connection offers real-time updates, while the dual-band Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and 6 DOF G-sensor improve tracking and incident detection accuracy. Emphasizing user-friendliness and robust performance, Nexar beam2 stands out as the most affordable AI connected dashcam, providing superior protection with only a small investment.

Detailed Comparison: Nexar Beam vs. Nexar beam2

Camera Quality and Field of View

The Nexar Beam provided high-definition clarity, but the Nexar beam2 takes visual fidelity to the next level with its QHD (3.7 MP) road camera, ensuring that every critical detail on the road is captured. This upgrade is crucial for drivers needing clear video evidence in the event of accidents.

Storage Solutions and Cloud Connectivity

Both the Nexar Beam and beam2 models offer unlimited cloud storage for incidents, manual clips, and accidents, with Nexar beam2 additionally uploading a time-lapse summary of each drive to the cloud. While all drives are recorded to the phone's storage for a limited time, this dual approach ensures comprehensive documentation of driving experiences. The integration of an SD card alongside cloud connectivity provides a seamless blend of local and cloud storage, ensuring that everything from daily commutes to unexpected incidents is securely captured and accessible, addressing drivers' concerns about storage capacity and footage organization effectively.

Installation Simplicity and User-Friendliness

Both the Nexar Beam and beam2 are designed with the user's convenience in mind, featuring easy installation processes. Nexar beam2 goes a step further by offering an OBD2 power adapter , which is easily installed in any car, and also has a robust thermal design that ensures it functions well in any weather. Their easy-to-use nature is complemented by the availability of Nexar's help center, providing step-by-step guides and support to ensure your dash cam is always ready to record.

Enhanced Safety Features and Additional Capabilities

The Nexar beam2 significantly broadens the safety features available in its predecessor. It introduces cutting-edge functionalities like LTE connectivity for live updates, dual-band Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for accurate tracking, a 6 DOF G-sensor for detailed incident detection, and noise-canceling microphones, further improving safety and convenience for drivers. The parking mode feature is beneficial for all drivers including rideshare drivers, truck drivers, and pro drivers, offering around-the-clock protection.

Selecting the Right Nexar Beam Model for You

Choosing between the Nexar Beam and Nexar beam2 ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences. The Nexar Beam, known for its HD recording and comprehensive safety features, is perfect for those seeking reliability and quality at a basic price point. It's ideal for dash cam beginners or those who value straightforward functionality.

Conversely, Nexar beam2 caters to the savvy driver looking for the latest advancements in dash cam technology at an affordable price. With features like QHD recording, LTE connectivity, and unlimited cloud storage, it provides a thorough safety net for the road. It's especially suited for those who value connected features, such as live updates, remote video streaming and real-time tracking, and for families or businesses aiming to closely monitor their vehicles and drivers.

Both models reflect Nexar’s unwavering commitment to advancing road safety through innovative technology, making the choice a reflection of personal or professional needs and the desire to integrate smart technology into one's driving experience.

The Nexar Ecosystem: A Community of Safety

Integrating the Nexar Beam and Nexar beam2 dash cams into the expansive Nexar ecosystem showcases how technology can significantly improve driving safety and community well-being. Both models effortlessly connect with the Nexar app, contributing to a network that promotes safer roads. Nexar beam2, with its advanced features like live parking alerts, emergency notifications, and remote video streaming, further solidifies this ecosystem. Drivers gain not only an eyewitness on the road, but also a partner that boosts their awareness, security, and peace of mind.

This interconnectedness benefits not just individual users but also fosters a community of drivers dedicated to collectively enhancing road safety. By choosing either the Nexar Beam or beam2, users are not merely investing in their safety; they're joining a movement towards smarter, safer driving environments powered by Nexar’s pioneering technology.

Nexar's Vision for the Future

While making the Nexar Beam and Nexar beam2 comparison, it’s important to highlight Nexar's leadership in innovation and commitment to safety in the dash cam industry. Both models are crucial in boosting driver safety and awareness, catering to different user needs and technological preferences. Nexar's vision for a safer driving future is embodied in these devices, offering not just advanced recording capabilities but a supportive ecosystem that accompanies drivers on every mile of their journey.

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Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, Nexar provides its community everything it needs to ensure its safety on the road.