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Fleet Term Glossary

Last updated at: Jan 2, 2024

New to the fleet world or just curious what else is out there in the vehicle management universe. Let's dive into to everything from what is a "fleet" to fleet management cost considerations like "Life Cycle Costs". Check it out here:

Fleet: A group of vehicles, usually owned or leased by a company or organization, used for business purposes.

  • Small Fleet - We define a small fleet as operating 2-10 vehicles.
  • Medium Fleet - 10-50 vehicles.
  • Large Fleet - 50+ vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking: A technology-based system used to monitor the location and movements of fleet vehicles in real-time.

Dispatch: The process of assigning vehicles and drivers to specific jobs or routes.

Route Optimization: The process of determining the most efficient and cost-effective route for a fleet vehicle to follow.

Maintenance Management: The process of monitoring and managing the upkeep and repair of fleet vehicles.

Fuel Management: The process of tracking and managing fuel consumption for fleet vehicles.

Telematics: The use of technology, such as GPS and onboard sensors, to gather data on vehicle performance and driver behavior.

Driver Management: The process of monitoring and managing the behavior and performance of fleet drivers.

Vehicle Utilization: The measurement of how effectively a fleet vehicle is being used.

Vehicle Incident: The occurrence of an accident or problem with a fleet vehicle.

Fleet Management Software: A program used to manage and optimize the operations of a fleet.

Fleet Monitoring Software: A dashboard or program used to track and manage vehicles in a fleet with a focus on GPS tracking.

Accident Management: The process of handling incidents involving fleet vehicles, including reporting and investigation.

Compliance Management: The process of ensuring that fleet operations comply with all relevant regulations and laws.

Life Cycle Cost: The total cost of owning and operating a fleet vehicle, including purchase price, maintenance, fuel, and other expenses.

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