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Nexar One Review – All You Need To Know

Nexar One in Car

Updated at: Sep 5, 2022

Nexar One is Nexar’s latest, most futuristic, tech forward dash cam. If you’ve done your research, you know that Nexar One promises 4K video and remote streaming. It’s basically a 4K Ring doorbell for your car. Nexar One is also the first of its kind on the market. Powered by a Sony Starvis image sensor and equipped with the state of the art Ambarella AI-capable chipset, it’s no question that this is Nexar’s most powerful cam yet.

Unfortunately, if you’ve read the reviews or experienced the camera yourself you might have found it fell a little short of your expectations. With a futuristic camera such as Nexar One, there are bound to be hiccups along the way. Initially, features such as remote streaming did not work as planned. However, the Nexar team has already released a number of upgrades and fixes that have transformed the experience. Updates will continue to roll out regularly and more improvements will revolutionize this product. Furthermore, the Nexar Connect subscription will remain free of charge until issues are resolved.

Nexar One Review


Nexar has always been known for its unboxing experience. In the past, rave reviews like The Drive stated “There are no shouty pictures or text on the box, and the unboxing experience is uncannily Apple-like”. Nexar One takes this to a new level with users raving about the clean and aesthetically pleasing experience they have when getting their new camera.

Nexar One unboxing


Like all Nexar dash cams, Nexar One is super simple to install. The box comes equipped with your camera, relevant add-ons, long power cable, USB adapter, magnetic mount and an installation tool. As you unbox and put together your camera, the Nexar App walks you through a very brief installation guide to get you all set up. Check out this easy to follow video tutorial.

Hardware Review

Though Nexar is typically known for its software, the Nexar One hardware is undeniably impressive. Equipped with the Ambarella AI-capable chipset and powered by a Sony Starvis image sensor, Nexar One is by far Nexar’s most advanced camera. The Sony Starvis image sensor means that Nexar One can record super crisp videos at 4K resolution, and at a sensitivity well above that of the human eye in low light conditions, a step up from their already impressive 1080p quality on other models. With a unique industrial design, Nexar One is also modular, meaning you can choose the main unit and later decide to order the add-ons. The add-ons include a connectivity unit, which paired with an LTE subscription gives the camera remote streaming capabilities along with other connected features. The second add-on is the interior camera module that is perfect for rideshare drivers or even parents with young drivers. To check out the full specs of Nexar’s latest camera, take a look here.


Nexar is known to have its own proprietary software. The Nexar App paired with the Nexar One camera comes with some incredible features that are constantly improved. From the app you can control the recording quality of the exterior camera. You can select 1080p or 4K quality depending on your phone’s storage capabilities. The 4K option obviously provides state of the art video quality which you can see below.


Remote streaming is another innovative Nexar One feature. In certain cases Nexar One allows you to check in on your car remotely. This is a feature that is constantly being upgraded and improved upon. As it stands, you can experience 2 live streams per battery charge. This feature is best experienced in cars with continuous charging 12V ports, and the company is also working on a hardwiring kit, which will make checking in on your car 24x7, regardless of where you are, finally possible. One of the most important and most loved features is parking mode. Often users will buy a dash camera for this feature alone. Nexar’s parking mode will detect impact to the vehicle and wake up to record an incident and save it as a clip. If your camera is equipped with LTE, you will also receive an alert directly to your phone at the moment of the accident.

A new Nexar One feature that users seem to be enjoying is speed detection. All of your videos will have a watermark that indicates how fast you are driving. This can be helpful in many instances, especially if you are pulled over by the police!

Another important reason people get dash cams is safety. Nexar One comes equipped with Emergency Alerts. Simply select your emergency contacts and if you are in an accident, the Nexar App will send an SMS to your emergency contacts. You are also able to view all of your videos instantly in the Nexar App and share them with police or friends and family.

Car Accident Notification

Other amazing features include last saved parking location, free & unlimited cloud storage and so much more. To see even more about the Nexar One experience, check it out here.

Things being improved

As previously mentioned, possibly the most innovative feature of Nexar One is the over the air updates and constant upgrades. With this in mind, there are many things that the company has assured will be improved. Some of the key things coming your way include:

  • Data upload - in the future Nexar One will be able to upload heavy clips over public WiFi alone.
  • Continuous power accessory - in addition to the new hardwiring kit, the company is working on an OBD accessory that will give the dash cam power at all times and ensure a reliable remote monitoring experience.
  • Video streaming - The company has already made strides with this feature but they guarantee continuous upgrades and improvements here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Nexar One dash cam is innovative and tech forward. Despite some of the initial problems, which is to be expected with a brand new product, it is a unique and exciting product. The most compelling piece of the camera is the promise for better performance every day. As already demonstrated, Nexar One will continue to improve over time with simple upgrades. Excited to see what comes next!