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Nexar beam2 review

Full 2K QHD for superior video with beam2

Last updated at: May 21, 2024

Navigating through the vast selection of dash cams available today can feel overwhelming, with each model offering a unique combination of features and capabilities. Amidst this crowded market, Nexar beam2 emerges as a standout option, designed to meet the diverse needs of today's drivers.

Discover the unmatched blend of quality and innovation with Nexar beam2 dash cam. With its advanced camera technology and user-friendly interface, the device offers a seamless dash cam experience and this cam review aims to provide comprehensive information about its capabilities and how it serves as the ideal solution for drivers everywhere.

Smart Features for a Smarter Drive

Embrace the future of driving with Nexar beam2, your ultimate sidekick on the road. Engineered to enhance your driving experience, this dash cam combines innovative technology with unmatched ease of use.

With beam2, every journey becomes a testament to safety, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. 

Take the plunge and dive into a world where driving is not just about reaching your destination, but about enjoying a smarter, safer, and more connected journey.

Unparalleled Quality of Recording

Capturing video footage in 2K QHD, Nexar beam2 ensures every detail of your drive is recorded with superior clarity. Whether parked behind the rearview or cruising the highways, beam2's cameras’ footage is crisp and they serve as a second pair of vigilant eyes on the road.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

Integrating with the Nexar Connect app, Nexar beam2 turns your phone into a powerful driving tool. With features such as the use of GPS dash cam tracking and unlimited cloud storage, accessing and sharing your dash cam footage has never been easier.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Never worry about losing your footage with beam2's unlimited cloud storage. Simple to set up, your drives are automatically backed up, ensuring you can retrieve them if needed.

HD Video Capability

Nexar beam2 captures every moment in full 2K QHD video, providing you with the highest quality footage that is essential during any driving incident.

Reliable Connectivity

Stay in constant contact with your vehicle through live updates and GPS tracking, making Nexar beam2 one of the best dash cams for monitoring your car's location and surroundings even when you’re not in your car.

Real-Time Access and Security

Understanding the need for constant connectivity and peace of mind, the beam2 offers unparalleled real-time access and security features. With its advanced LTE connection and dual-band Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for high-accuracy tracking, the dash cam keeps you connected to your vehicle, no matter where you are. Whether it’s trying to find your car in a crowded parking lot or ensuring the safety of your vehicle in tight urban spaces, beam2’s Live GPS Location feature offers a solution.

With Nexar beam2, you get real-time access to your camera's view, offering additional security for your vehicle. With the Nexar App, the cam can also send immediate notifications to your phone, ensuring that you're always in the loop, even when you're away from your car.

Moreover, the Emergency Notification of Incidents feature sends automatic alerts to your phone and designated emergency contacts, providing immediate assistance in case of an accident. This seamless integration of technology not only solves the common pain points of vehicle security but also offers a new level of convenience and reassurance for every driver.

Design and Durability

Nexar beam2 stands out for its robust thermal design and durable construction, ensuring reliability in any driving condition. Designed with practicality in mind, it features a compact size (107x60x37 mm for the main unit and 40x40x52 mm for the camera with inward facing cameras), making it one of the most space-efficient dash cams on the market. This thoughtful design minimizes obstruction to the driver’s view while maximizing the coverage and quality of the recording, addressing common concerns about dash cam installation and use.

Nexar beam2’s easy setup, powered by On-Board Diagnostic 2nd generation (OBD2 is a built-in self-diagnostic system that monitors a vehicle’s parts and systems and provides alerts in case of potential issues), further alleviates the pain point of complex installations, making it accessible to all users, regardless of their technical proficiency. The result is a driving sidekick that not only captures every critical moment on the road with QHD and FHD recording capabilities but also stands up to the rigors of daily use, ensuring that your investment is protected.

Investing in Peace of Mind

The price of the Nexar beam2 is a small investment for the peace of mind it offers. The device represents a modest investment that yields significant peace of mind. Its comprehensive road coverage, coupled with the convenience of a cordless design, ensures rapid communication in the event of an incident, and the benefit of unlimited cloud storage underscores its value. This makes the Nexar beam2 not just a smart purchase, but a reassuring addition to any driver’s toolkit.

From ensuring the safety of young drivers to providing immediate evidence for insurance claims, the beam2 empowers you to drive with confidence. Its 6 DOF G-sensor for maneuver and collision detection, combined with the convenience of remote video streaming and live GPS location, means you're always in control, even when you're not behind the wheel.

Overall, investing in a Nexar beam2 is not just about purchasing a product; it's about embracing a lifestyle where driving is safer, more connected, and enjoyable.

Nexar beam2: A Dash Cam That Stands Out

More than just a camera: beam2 surpasses its predecessor, the Nexar Beam, as a reliable driving assistant. Combining high-quality video footage, advanced connectivity, and user-centric design, you easily have what you need to review an incident and feel safer on the road. As your dependable partner, Nexar beam2 has now emerged as one of the best dash cams a driver can own.

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