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Nexar beam2 Installation

Last updated at: May 21, 2024

Dash cams offer a layer of protection out on the road. If you're looking for a connected dash cam with powerful safety features, Nexar beam2 is a great option. Follow these simple instructions to install the device in your car. This installation process applies to most On-Board Diagnostic-powered dash cams available today.

How to Install Your Nexar beam2

Prioritize your setup by understanding Nexar beam2’s operational framework, designed for ease of use and effectiveness across a wide range of vehicles, including personal, fleet, and commercial applications.

1. Identifying the Ideal Placement

Select a position on the windshield that offers an unobstructed view of the road. Nexar beam2's design accommodates a flexible installation approach, allowing for a strategic placement that does not impede the driver’s vision.

2. Dashcam Installation in Vehicle

Nexar beam2 is designed for a simplified installation experience, utilizing a specific mounting mechanism included with your camera. Follow these steps:

  • Preparing the Windshield: Ensure the selected area is clean and dry to guarantee a strong adherence.
  • Applying device to Windshield: Follow the provided instructions for attaching the device to your windshield, carefully removing the adhesive tape and ensuring it's securely fastened and positioned correctly for optimal camera alignment.

3. Organize the Cables

Efficiently route the power cable from the dash cam to the power source, securing it along the periphery of the windshield and dashboard to maintain a tidy and unobtrusive setup.

4. Connect to Power

Nexar beam2 supports connection through:

  • On-Board Diagnostic, 2nd Generation Port (OBD2): The most efficient method for powering your Nexar beam2, using the OBD2 adapter ensures continuous operation and access to the camera's full suite of features. This connection method simplifies the installation process, negating the need for hardwiring while offering a clean and efficient power solution.

5. Activate Your Dash Cam

Upon completing the physical installation, turn on your vehicle to power the device. Look for the LED indicators to signal the camera’s operational status, then proceed to pair the device with the Nexar app for enhanced functionality and access to real-time monitoring.

Try Nexar beam2

At Nexar, our mission is to make roads safer. Nexar beam2 is our latest step towards that goal. It packs the same powerful AI and connected-car technology as our Nexar Pro camera, but in a smaller, more budget-friendly design. You also get sharp 2K main video to capture important details, an optional interior-facing camera (perfect for Uber or Lyft drivers), built-in GPS, and unlimited cloud storage so you’ll never lose important footage. Plus, with LTE connectivity, your camera stays online even when you're off the grid.

Don't leave your safety to chance. Secure your ride with Nexar dash cams featuring sharp footage, unlimited cloud storage, real-time alerts, and more.