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Managing a fleet? You need this all-in-one solution.

Last updated at: Jan 3, 2024

Managing a fleet for a business is a big undertaking. Every small fleet manager knows that once you have even just a few business vehicles in your fleet, things can get complicated, and quickly. From spending time on administrative tasks to communicating with drivers and ensuring safety, there’s a ton of work that goes into small fleet management. But a new system designed specifically for small fleet managers is changing the game: all-in-one fleet management solutions.

The good news is that you don’t need to have a huge fleet to use these next-generation fleet solutions, which give you all of the key data you need, like 24/7 access to vehicle locations, with one affordable solution.

Here’s everything you need to know about fleet tracking solutions:

Budget-friendly fleet solutions

The best fleet solutions today aren’t costly, and instead, they’re affordable for small businesses. This means you should look for a powerful but simple fleet solution, with fuss-free installation that doesn't break the bank. Nexar is the most affordable fleet solution on the market that doesn’t compromise when it comes to incredible features.

Simple, hassle-free solutions

Next, you should be looking for a simple, hassle-free solution that allows you to manage and maintain your fleet with ease. Installation should be simple, and features to look for include GPS monitoring, along with tools that help you with driver and good safety and driver retention.

While simple to use, certain next-generation features can help optimize fleet performance. For example, Nexar’s remote live streaming is an essential feature which allows you to monitor your fleet vehicles from any location, 24/7. Nexar also enables you to match drivers to vehicles, so you always know who is behind the wheel.

Features that improve efficiency

How can you make your fleet as efficient as possible? With fleet management features such as fleet tracking and GPS monitoring you can see where your vehicles are, and even see what they’re seeing in real time. Also, with remote live streaming, you’ll be notified about incidents in real time, and can quickly respond.

Always be in the know

With fleet management solutions, you’re never in the dark, and you’ll always know exactly what happened in the event of a collision or other incident. There are even collision reconstruction features, and incident alert systems, where you’re notified in real-time of hard brakes, sharp turns, and collisions. With the powerful protection of Nexar, you can easily send clips and recordings to insurance companies.

Easy-to-use dashboard

With fleet management solutions, all of the information you need is located in one place. Track vehicles, monitor drivers, and follow real-time alerts, all from one user-friendly dashboard. With Nexar, you can access all of the information and footage you need with a few clicks.

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