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How to choose a dash cam

Choose a dash cam

Last updated at: Mar 20, 2024

The Rise in the Importance of Dash Cams

You may have heard of the rising interest in dash cams, also known as car cameras. These devices are mounted on the windshield of your car and record the road and traffic as you drive. If you have ever been in a car accident, then you might also understand why there is such a focus on these devices. You can use a dash cam to make sure you have video evidence of everything that happens to you on the road both inside and outside your car. Now you might be wondering, how do I choose the best dash cam for me? There are many different types of dash cams with different features and price points so it is important to consider what you will be using your dash cam for and who will be using the dash cam.

Choosing the Right Dash Cam Based on Your Needs

What do you want to use your dash cam for? Depending on your needs and the type of driver you are, you might be interested in different features and models. Top features to consider include: number of cameras, storage capabilities, video resolution, GPS capabilities and parking mode capabilities. Of course you will also need to consider your budget. At Nexar, we offer a range of cameras that focus on different needs. Here’s what you should consider when selecting your dash camera for protected driving.

Number of cameras

If you are a professional driver or maybe even if you have kids in your car, you will want to have both internal and external camera capabilities. Nexar offers three different models with this ability: the Nexar Pro, the NEXC2 and now the Nexar One. They all have a dual-dash cam system to accommodate cabin and road recording. With night vision and clear video, you won’t miss a thing on your drives. To compare these three models, please see here.


Depending on how often you drive and what you will be using your dash cam for, you’ll want to consider how many GB of storage you will require. Nexar offers a range of options from 32GB (4 hour backup) base storage to 256GB (36 hour backup). You can decide what best fits your needs. Nexar also offers unlimited cloud storage that will store important incidents for you as well.

Minimum required image quality

Image quality is extremely important when selecting your dash cam. Whether you are sending a report to your insurance company, sharing footage with a police officer or trying to discover who hit your parked car, you will want to clearly be able to make out a license plate and other important details. All Nexar cameras record external video in full HD 1080p and internal cameras record in HD 720p and have infrared night vision. This means you will get clear video of the full road ahead and within your car, day or night and rain or shine! The most advanced camera we offer, Nexar One, has 4k video resolution. This is the clearest, crispest resolution on the dash cam market.

Setting a budget

Of course you will also want to set a budget for yourself. Nexar offers premium dash cams that record directly to your phone with ease. Our most basic camera, the NEXC1 comes with unlimited cloud storage. You will get all the amazing features you need at a very affordable price. Nexar Beam - Nexar’s most popular model is super compact and offers parking mode, which allows you to keep an eye on your car even when it’s parked. The Nexar Pro, which has both internal and external cameras is the dual dash cam system equipped with parking mode and night vision. All Nexar legacy cameras come with unlimited cloud backup and no monthly fees. To see the full range of legacy cameras Nexar offers please see here.

Our newest, most premium and powerful dash cam is the Nexar One dash cam. This high end, 4K, connected device is ideal for drivers who want to connect their car from anywhere. The price-point is due to the clear resolution of the camera and LTE, remote streaming options. To learn more about our most powerful dash cam please see here.

Ease of use

Nexar dash cameras are simple to use from day 1, with an easy 5 minute DIY setup. Once you begin using a Nexar dash cam, it will automatically begin recording all of your drives as soon as you start the car. Nexar car cams stream all video directly to your phone where you can easily access your full drive videos. Nexar will also detect a collision or hard brake and create an easy to find clip of the incident. You can also use the one-tap report generator to seamlessly send a report that includes location, speed and video to your insurer.


There are a number of other features that may be important or useful to you as a dash cam driver. Nexar also offers parking mode, which means that when your car is parked your dash cam will detect any impact to the vehicle and start recording. Emergency alerts are helpful in case of an accident. Nexar detects accidents and immediately alerts your emergency contacts. The alert message contains your location, the dash cam video, and a quick link to dispatch 911.

Other features and capabilities

Nexar offers GPS capabilities, which allow you to map trips within the Nexar app and send location information in an insurance report. Depending on where you live, you might want to consider temperature protection. Nexar dash cams can withstand extreme weather from: -4° to 158° F (-20° to 70° C). To read about even more features and capabilities such as where did I park, please see here.

Final Thoughts

All in all there is a lot to consider when selecting a dash cam for your car. Nexar is the number one retailer of premium dash cameras in the US- and there’s a reason. Nexar offers a range of cameras to fit your needs starting at only $149.95. With over 10,000 five star reviews, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product. All Nexar cameras come equipped with an easy to use app, unlimited cloud storage and so much more. Nexar dash cams help you drive protected. Choose your dash cam wisely and drive safely. Shop all Nexar dash cams here. If you have any questions or want to learn more, reach out to support 24/7 here!

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