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How Do Dash Cams Work in 2023

Last updated at: Mar 20, 2024

If you’re a driver, you’re probably familiar with those instances where someone makes a mistake and won’t take responsibility. When you have a dash cam, the he-said, she-said disappears as everything is captured and you always have the proof you need. Someone hits your parked car and drives away? Simply pull out the footage and zoom in on their plates. Police pull you over? Show them quickly and easily that you are not at fault. When things go wrong on the road, your dash cam is there for you. So how do these devices work and why do you need one? Let’s dive in.

What are Dash Cams?

Dashboard cameras are small devices that record the road (and possibly the interior of your car) as you drive. They are there to help provide you security and proof in case of an accident. Dash cams can help you with insurance, emergency alerts and simply to capture road trip moments. Dash cams come in many shapes and sizes. You can find them with different storage capacities (Often ranging from 16gb to 512 gb) and varying recording capabilities (Ranging from 720p to up to 4K in resolution ). Models will also vary in their features, more modern dash cams will allow you to view your recordings instantly through an app. You also might see dash cams that come equipped with AI technology, parking mode, insurance reports and so much more. It’s important to consider what your needs are before purchasing a dash cam.

How do dash cams work?

What are Dash Cams Used For?

Dash cams will begin recording when you drive and capture all of your on the road (and sometimes off the road) adventures. Drives will be recorded to the dash cam’s internal storage on a loop basis and might also record directly to an app if the model comes equipped with its own software. After recording, videos can be used for your insurance provider, to share with police officers or even just for users themselves for memories. Overall, it can be helpful to drive with a dash cam to have proof in case of any type of road incident.

How Do Dash Cams Work?

Powered by a cigarette lighter cable or hardwired directly to the fuse box, they will make sure you have footage of all road moments, dash cams connect to your car and record all of your drives in case of any sort of accident. Your dash cam’s video streams in real-time to the internal storage of your device and oftentimes the videos will also go to an app. That means you get instant access through the app to any video clip or drive. If you get pulled over, you can share video footage of any accident. Dash cams often have other features like smart detections or parking mode, which helps protect your parked car as well.

Other Commonly Asked Dash Cam Questions

Yes, they are legal in all US states, the UK and most European countries.

What type of dash cam should I get?

There are different types of dash cams, so you may want to consider if you need internal or external recording, how much storage capacity you need and how much you would like to spend. Dash cams can have anywhere from 16GB to 512GB. You can also get road facing and cabin facing cameras. When it comes to price, they really range depending on if they are smart cameras, what kind of video they record, storage, number of cameras and more. Most importantly though, dash cams can protect you on the road.

Where are all the videos saved?

Videos are usually saved in the dash cams’ SD card, but can also be stored on your phone or a cloud account.

Does my dash cam work, when I am outside my car?

It depends, some dash cams are equipped with parking mode, which allows cameras to record incidents in case of a break in or impact to the vehicle. Check the model for specific information.


How do Nexar Dash Cams Work?

Nexar is the best selling dash cam brand in the United States. Nexar dash cams are simple to set up and to use. Once connected, they automatically start recording when you drive. Using smart technology and motion sensors, Nexar dash cams can detect collisions, hard brakes and even parking incidents. Then, your dash cam will automatically save a clip of the incident.

Nexar also immediately alerts you when things happen. In case an accident is detected, Nexar can notify your emergency contacts. The emergency alert includes the dash cam video, your location, and easy links to navigate to the scene or to dispatch 911.

All Nexar dash cams also come with unlimited cloud storage. Whenever an event is detected by the camera the Nexar app will secure that footage in the cloud. This way, you can always access this video history of events.

Submitting an insurance claim following an accident can be extremely challenging. Nexar’s accident report proves your side of the story. The report contains sensor data like speed, impact force, and location, as well as the video itself. The Nexar accident report makes it easier to file your claim, and dramatically increases your chances of winning it. With Nexar, there are no more headaches. Nexar dash cams provide you security on and off the road with parking mode, a feature that detects and records parking incidents. Overall, your car is safer with a Nexar dash cam. Nexar offers a range of models, please see the three most popular dash cams below:

Nexar One- This is Nexar's premium, 4K, connected cam that comes equipped with remote streaming, live parking alerts and so much more. If you want a camera that does it all, go with the Nexar One.

Nexar Beam- Nexar's bestselling, compact dash cam with 1080p full HD video is everything you might need in an external facing camera. This is the choice of everyday drivers.

Nexar Pro- Nexar's dual facing dash cam comes with internal and external views in an easy to use model. With excellent night vision and all the amazing Nexar features, this camera is the choice of driving professionals.

Final Thoughts

Dash cams for cars are generally simple to install and use. There is no reason not to take advantage of these super smart devices to help protect you on the road. Nexar dash cameras provide DIY installment, automatic recording, an easy to use app along with an array of other important features. If you are thinking about purchasing a dash cam, consider Nexar for great value, smart dash cams.