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Top 9 Dash Cam Benefits and Features

Dash Cam features

Last updated at: Apr 4, 2024

A Dash Cam is Your Primary-source Video Proof

With dash cams continuously growing in popularity, it's no surprise that people are constantly using dash cams as proof in case of a he-said she-said situation. We see dash cams used to get people out of trouble all the time. We've also seen them used as proof in criminal investigations or even simply to observe new drivers on the road. However you use them, they are a great source of video proof in any situation. With dash cams, you always have your own source of video proof.

Parents Can Keep an Eye on First-Time Drivers

All parents worry about new drivers. In America, kids can start driving as young as 16-years-old. Parents can feel more secure with a dash cam in their child's car. Many dash cams come with GPS capabilities so parents can check in on their child and where they are. They can also have video evidence of all of their drives. With both internal and external cams they can see what their kids are doing on the road and in the cabin, to provide peace of mind and proof of good habits.

Car insurance
Dash Cam features

Submit Insurance Claims Easily

The primary reason to have a dash cam is in case of an accident. Insurance claims can often be a huge hassle, Nexar dash cams facilitate sending video evidence to your insurance provider. Nexar dash cams facilitate sending video evidence to your insurance provider. The Nexar app will automatically detect a hard break or impact and save a clip. From there, you can easily and quickly export the video evidence which includes the speed and location, to third-party applications. This can make the headache from road incidents much more bearable. Involvement in accidents can also lead to increased insurance premiums and having a dash cam will allow you to indisputably prove you are not at fault if you are in an accident. An investment in a quality dash cam can end up saving you a lot of money. Check out what some Nexar users have said about driving with dash cams here.

Capture Videos Inside the Car

When you think of dash cams, you often think of the road view cameras but the interior cameras can be just as important especially for rideshare drivers. Cabin-view cameras can be crucial for Uber & Lyft drivers in the event of a passenger incident. Over the last few years, we have seen many dash cams capturing passengers acting inappropriately or even assaulting their drivers. With a rise in abusive language and violence in many cities across the world, video proof can become more important and dash cams could even work as deterrence for inappropriate behavior.

Interior & Exterior footage

Share Captured Videos with the Police

If you are ever pulled over by police or should they arrive in case of an accident, it's comforting to know that there will be no he-said, she-said. The proof you need will be right on your dash camera. Nexar cameras stream video directly to your phone, so you can instantly share the footage with officers or friends and family. You might also record the interaction with the police officer, which can provide an extra level of security to some drivers.

Record Video Automatically When the on the go

Simple, yet very important - you shouldn't have to remember to begin recording every time you get in a car. Dash cams like Nexar beam, automatically begin recording every time you begin a drive. You never expect to get in an accident so with Nexar, you are always prepared.

Dash Cam Helps to Find Your Parking Location

A great feature some dash cams have is "Where did I park?". We've all been in situations where we head to a baseball game or parked on a busy street and we come back hours later only to realize we can't remember where we parked. With Nexar, you can simply ask where did I park, and the app will easily bring you back to your car. Another priceless feature to having a Nexar dash cam.

Dash Cam Video Footage on Your Phone

Have you ever been on the road and captured something crazy? An animal crossing, a hit and run, a beautiful view or a strange item falling out of a car. If you have you might have wished you had the footage. With a Nexar dash cam, you will instantly have all of this information right on your phone. In the case of an accident, you will have all the proof you need and in the case of a crazy incident, you will be able to look back on it.

Beautiful view captured by a Nexar user in Alabama

Record Parking Incidents and Prevent Parking Accidents

Many dash cams can record parking incidents even when you are away from your car. For example Nexar dash cams can sense an impact and start recording in case of a theft, break in, or accident. They can also work as a deterrence for vandalism or theft. If someone sees a sticker or dash cam that indicates the area is being recorded, this might dissuade people from committing a criminal act.

Emergency Alerts in the Event of an Accident

If you've ever been in a driving accident, you might want to alert your loved ones immediately. Nexar offers emergency alerts to your pre-determined emergency contacts. This is great for all drivers, but can be especially comforting to parents of new drivers.

Final Thoughts

A lot can happen on the road. Whether you commute to work daily in your car, drive professionally or travel the country in your vehicle, it will always benefit you to have a dash cam. Feel a little extra peace of mind with Nexar in your car. This way you will know you're protected in case of any road incidents. And hey, you never know what you might capture.

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