Introducing beam2

A new kind of dash cam is coming.
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Transform your vehicle into a smart safety system

Video or it didn’t happen

Ultra Sharp 2K QHD Recording

Every 43 seconds, a hit-and-run accident occurs in the US. The highly sensitive motion sensing in beam2 ensures that every moment is captured, and its superior-quality optics provide stunning clarity for every pixel, day or night, to give you all the evidence you need.

No more “text me when you get there”

Unparalleled GPS positioning

Utilizing its cutting-edge dual-band GPS sensor, beam2 ensures exceptional accuracy, whether navigating city streets or traversing remote areas. Always know exactly where your car is, and paint a complete picture of every drive, from detailed journey logging to speed monitoring and the ability to review routes taken.

Never run out of storage

Unlimited cloud backup for clips

Saving important moments forever has never been easier. beam2 advanced incident detection algorithms automatically upload key driving events directly to your unlimited Nexar cloud account.

Expect the unexpected

Get instant alerts if trouble strikes

Leveraging advanced AI technology with 6-DOF motion sensors and 4G LTE connectivity, beam2 enables instant detection of critical moments and facilitates rapid communication with your loved ones to ensure that help is on the way without delay.

Don't let parking lot mysteries ruin your day

24/7 Parking Protection

Know what happens, as it happens. Integrating LTE connectivity, continuous OBD power supply, and 5 levels of personalized sensitivity ensures you always have the evidence you need with the help of real-time alerts when an impact is detected.

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