Monitor the roads with Nexar’s Virtual Camera

Explore the physical world with the most up‑to‑date ground‑level imagery in existence.

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Are you fighting the spread of COVID‑19?
We want to help.

We’re offering free Virtual Camera locations to the government and other organizations working to prevent the spread of the virus.

Use Virtual Camera to
remotely & instantly monitor:

  • Crowded areas
  • Key infrastructure
  • Construction zones

How to open a new Virtual Camera location

  • Request a virtual camera

    We’ll do our best to get it live as soon as possible. Submit a request here.

  • Explore the area

    See recent images or even go back in time to see what the area looked like in the past.

  • Take action

    Use Virtual Camera images to promote safety and better city living.

Powered by the world’s safe driving network

  • Nexar dash cams protect drivers on the road

    They automatically record and save footage directly to the driver’s phone, detect dangerous events and produce evidence reports.

  • Contribute to the community

    When a vehicle equipped with a Nexar dash cam passes by a Virtual Camera location, a frame is uploaded to the cloud. Virtual Camera generates fresher data when more Nexar dash cams are driving in your area.

  • Keeps everyone's privacy safe

    Frames uploaded to the Nexar network are anonymized. Human faces and license plates are blurred and footage can’t be traced back to the recording driver.

Looking for better visual coverage in your area?

Use Nexar dash cams to generate more images while benefiting from safer driving in the process.