Meet Nexar CityStream™

Making your roads safer & more efficient

What is Nexar CityStream?

Nexar CityStream works with cities, transit authorities, and mobility and mapping companies to make roads safer and more efficient for drivers. When you drive with Nexar, you are helping make your community’s roadways better.

How does Nexar
CityStream work?

The Nexar app connects drivers to Nexar's mobility network.

Nexar delivers anonymous, aggregated data from that network to cities, transit authorities, and mobility and mapping companies.

Nexar analyzes that data to help its partners improve roads for drivers.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Nexar puts the data privacy of our drivers first. This means that no one will have access to a driver’s personal data. The information that we share is all anonymized and aggregated. You can read more on our privacy principles here.

Nexar CityStream
in action

Las Vegas is the first city in the nation to make roadways better for drivers using a dash cam powered driver network.

Here’s what Nexar CityStream is doing with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada:

Providing real-time updates about the location and size of construction zones.

Helping determine permit compliance with lane closures.

Measuring the effects of cones and lane closures on traffic.

Helping streamline construction permit management.

Here are a few examples of
what CityStream can do

Identify causes of traffic and other dangerous road conditions
Monitor signage
and infrastructure changes
Evaluate how construction zones impact traffic patterns