Driving can be stressful and dangerous.

Nexar is an app that makes driving less stressful. It records the road continuously, saves important clips to the cloud (for free), and helps you fight wrongful accusations.

But it's also much more than that. As more and more people like you drive with Nexar in Las Vegas, the app will give warnings about dangers around you on the road and will make the city safer.

You can use Nexar with your phone’s camera but it works best with a Nexar-ready dash cam.

Join Nexar and get:

  • Free cloud storage
  • Instant video evidence on your phone
  • Access to your recordings from any device
  • Collision and speed reports

Join the safe driving
revolution in Las Vegas

We started Nexar 3 years ago with two goals: to eliminate car collisions and to make driving stress-free. To do this, we are building a network that connects cars on the road. With this network, you’ll get the most important information - like warnings about dangers you can’t see - and be able to share this information with other drivers in the network. Once enough people drive with Nexar in your area, you’ll start getting these warnings automatically, without ever having to touch your phone.

To give you real-time warnings that help you respond to everything happening on the road, our network needs to have a lot of people driving with Nexar at the same time. So to jump start Nexar in Las Vegas, we are offering this incredible, limited offer of a free dash cam to the first 1500 drivers who order the dash cam, pair it with the app and drive three times.

Today, you’ll get a super smart dash cam and app that automatically detect, record and save dangerous events like hard brakes or collisions so you’ll have instant evidence when you need it most. As more and more people in your area start driving with Nexar, you’ll get different types of warnings and valuable information about your drive. Buckle up - driving is about to change.

Our secret power is in our app, which uses AI and other tools to understand the road. Nexar connects to your phone’s sensors to automatically detect dangerous events. By leveraging the power of our app, we can transform even simple dash cams into “smart” dash cams, without having you shell out hundreds of dollars for a dash cam.

Want to join the network?
It’s easy:

Buy the dash cam &
download the app

Pair your dash cam &
phone and start driving

Get a full $79 refund on the cost of the dash cam!

What others are saying:

“Nexar is more than a
simple dashcam
recording app”


“Nexar’s vehicle-to-
vehicle network will
use dash cam AI to
prevent accidents”


“Smartphone on car
dashboard can warn of
problems ahead”


“It’s very easy to use, you just plug it in and Nexar is on!”

Sandra Cohen

“I highly recommend that any professional driver use Nexar”

Mario Sanchez

“I don’t feel comfortable driving without Nexar anymore”

Mohammad Abbasi

“It’s very easy to use, you just plug it in and Nexar is on!”

Sandra Cohen

“I highly recommend that any professional driver use Nexar”

Mario Sanchez

Nexar’s network is already thriving.
Join thousands of drivers who are already part of the safe driving revolution


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Reduction in collisions among Nexar drivers in New York City