Protect your vehicle with Nexar Connect

Get even more out of Nexar One with Nexar Connect1, a subscription service that connects to your vehicle 24/7. See what’s going on in real-time from anywhere.


Parking alerts
Vehicle location
Emergency alerts
Video stream
Alarm activation

1- Nexar Connect works only with Nexar One with +Connectivity Add-on.

See what Nexar One sees, remotely

Whether it’s day or night, parking, driving or when stopped by the authorities, Nexar Connect will alert you when stuff happens to your vehicle and streams live video from your road and cabin cameras.

Live parking mode

Nexar knows when something happens to your parked vehicle. From break-ins to parking accidents, you’ll get an instant alert and live video stream. You can also sound the camera’s alarm siren, remotely.

Emergency mode

Your emergency contacts can get notified in case of a collision or when you’re stopped by the police. With a live location, they can navigate to the scene, dispatch 911 or just check everything's right using the live video stream.

Live location

With Nexar Connect, you can track all of your vehicles in real-time directly on your phone.

Nexar One Dash CamParking Incident Detected notification

With Nexar Connect you can see what’s happening right now

Free cloud & video history
Emergency notifications
Remotely trigger alarm siren
Emergency alerts with live stream
Remote live stream
Parking mode
Included Free
Only when back in car
Nexar Connect

Nexar Connect works
with NexarOne’s +Connectivity add‑on

LTE module+Connectivity
Nexar One main module

Great for small businesses

Nexar Connect helps you keep track of your small business fleet, your drivers and goods.

Nexar One Dash Cam connected to a small business fleet